Santa Ana River Trust

Did you know the Santa Ana River is Southern California’s longest waterway? It flows for almost 100 miles from the snowy peaks of the San Bernardino Mountains, through the basin of Riverside to the beaches of Orange County. This unique river is home to hundreds of species of plants and animals and boasts a rich cultural history.

Unfortunately, the developing cities along the Santa Ana River have literally turned their backs on the river for many years. The Santa Ana River has long been viewed only as a flood control channel or illegal dumping ground, or not recognized at all. The Santa Ana River Trust was founded in 2011 to address these issues and inspire new ways of thinking about the river and how it relates to community opportunities and enhanced quality of life. With a focus on Riverside County, we develop projects that beautify the Santa Ana River and surrounding green spaces, increase usage of the Santa Ana River Trail, and engage the community to inspire protection of the River for future generations.

Our vision is to revitalize the Santa Ana River as a community centerpiece; a safe place to gather with family, a living laboratory for students to explore, and an outdoor destination for bicyclists, walkers, and even the youngest stroller-riders to enjoy and connect with nature. Through our programs, we are delivering much-needed and zero-cost outdoor opportunities for our community. With the Santa Ana River Trail acting as the backbone to a linear parkway, we are working to provide a safer, more attractive and accessible way for people to connect with the River. Project actions include installing improved signage, organizing community cleanups, improving trail access points and constructing a wetlands park.

Since 2011, the Santa Ana River Trust has conducted annual river and trail community surveys, organized volunteer cleanups, removed trash from the River and surrounding neighborhoods, installed access signs to the river and trail, and created a free trail map for bicyclists and walkers. Click here to find us on Facebook.
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